Electrical Jobs in Washington

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Seattle, Washington 98101
Positions: Installation Manager; Electrician_Installation; Electrician_Service
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Residential/Light Commercial
Great opportunities for electricians who want to lead a team or simply install products in commercial or fantastic high valued homes. We are a thirty year old company and have over 55 electricians in the field, over half of them with more than 10 years seniority. The tenure speaks volumes in how
Tacoma, Washington 98405
Positions: Electrician/Installation; Electrician_Service
Sectors: Residential/Light Commercial
Are you tired of spending all your time driving and not spending time with your family? We are a local company that is centrally located. Most jobs are with in 30 mins of our office. Serving the clients of the company by expertly servicing customers’ entire electrical system. Wear floor save
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